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Sandy Lawrence, CEO of Perceptive Marketing

The Circle of Fire chronicles the author's journey through overcoming the devastating consequences of a four-alarm house fire that ravaged and destroyed her family's home, the loss her 22 month twin son, and severely injured her and the other twin. Justina's is a journey of discovering that personal tragedy is not a life sentence to despair, anger, and continual pain and suffering. Instead, it is a discovery of how something positive can be salvaged from every agonizing experience, even when your faith has truly been tried by fire.

Reader's Praise

"I just finished the book!!! OMG it was amazing, I wanted to read more of it, I wanted to learn more, it grabbed my attention every time I picked it up and I love it. I think that everyone should read this book, because everyone goes through a "fire" at one point in their lives, but some people just don't know what to do at that point. Their fire can be mental or emotional but the book is like life's travel guide to happiness. You have specific instructions to follow to reach joy and happiness that everyone can learn from, no matter what. You can get out of that fire alive, you just have to believe, first that you can!! O I can talk forever!!! Five star book in my opinion!!" - Lydia Cotton

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The events introduce authors in the Houston area to a community where anyone whose business touches the publishing industry can participate and share their successes – and their failures. Anyone – from writers to readers, editors, publishers, printers, graphic designers, and attorneys (everyone has contracts for review) – is invited to the participate in the next Publishing Puzzle meeting. For additional information, please contact Sandy at

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Success stories from the Metro Marketing Boot Camp.

"I signed up for Sandy's Marketing Boot Camp to create a strategic marketing plan to promote my newly released book The Circle of Fire. I was a novice to the marketing concept and needed assurance that I could save my organization budget dollars by not having to hire a marketing expert. I was not disappointed. After completion of the four power packed marketing sessions, I felt like a four star marketing general. Marketing has become a way of life for me. I have pinpointed my ultimate objective which allows me to maximize my ROI. Upon implementing the strategies introduced in the class weekly, I immediately began to see results. Not only has my contact base grown exponentially, but I have been asked to write a piece for a prestigious medical journal and to speak at a major conference. This camp is invaluable! Thanks so much Sandy for sharing this precious knowledge at this spectacular workshop!"

- Justina Page, Executive Director
The Amos House of Faith
Author of The Circle of Fire
Release date - Summer 2011

"Sandy's boot camp exceeded my expectations beyond what my words can express. After the first session, I received so many nuggets that my head was spinning and I almost convinced myself to drop out. I mentally regrouped and reminded myself that this is a long term investment into the life of my business and graduated! Due to the class, my business has selected a target market and I made a phenomenal list of connections made during the class. Sandy, I will see you again soon."

- Coach Reeshemah

"Sandy Lawrence and Perceptive Marketing have created an entire new outlook on Entrepreneurship and building a business. With her expertise, community involvement, and most of all her passion for helping people, this has made Sandy an icon in her own right! I recommend Sandy Lawrence and Perceptive Marketing to anyone who truly believes in people and growing their business. I proudly profess and recommend to anyone the services of Perceptive Marketing, in order to strengthen their business, grow a new business, or just give the best of you to the community!"

- Two-Time Perceptive Marketing Boot Camp Graduate - Jolie Hardeman, Graphic Designer/Creative Director, Custom Graphics & Designs
"No Compromizing When Customizing"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the marketing boot camp. There was a lot of energy each week and the option to bounce ideas off other boot campers and receive invaluable feedback to assist your business. Since marketing is a constantly evolving process, I look forward to the opportunity to refresh with another boot camp experience."

- Nikki Johnson

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